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human puppy

human puppy

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Let me bring you a thing back

  • blond= male
  • blonde=female
  • brunet=male or female
  • brunette=female
  • fiancé=male
  • fiancée=female

Good day.

I did not know this.

things that should be taught in english lessons but aren’t.

welcome to the basics of stealing from French

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The Supernatural Fandom, everybody

see, that is devotion

we don’t care if its illegal

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i will miss them so badly


i will miss them so badly

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Castle meme: Best of Kate Beckett + updo hair

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Nine seasons…

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So, I’m gonna be honest.

It really bothers me when people don’t ship Swan Queen, but they ship Outlaw Queen.

Multi-shipping is fine. Shipping neither is fine (I ship neither).

But, saying, “I don’t ship Swan Queen for reasons x, y, and z” yet you ship Outlaw Queen just screams heterosexism to…

I will be honest too :

I don’t ship SQ because I DON’T LIKE EMMA ! And they are not portrayed in a romantic way.
What the hell are you talking about Silver?! You have the right to have your own opinion of course, but saying to OQ fans they are heterosexist for not shipping SQ is a little clumsy…
There are people who ship only gay ships?! And what?! They are heterophobic?! No, just a matter of tastes.

Yes I ship OQ and I’ve never shipped SQ because I’ve always known they will never be canon, I’ve never seen A START in a possible romantic relationship. Yes there is tension in S1 and YES they could have built a slow burn in S2.. But they didn’t. So I never had a ship with Regina until the S3 (Except Hook because of the HOT side of their relationship) when they brought this storyline with the lion tattoo… Then I’ve understood that it will be Robin Hood her LI… That’s all !
If SQ had been a thing in the 2nd season I would ship SQ because I want Regina to be happy and if it’s with Emma it’s fine. !

Now I TOTALLY understand that People ship SQ for the huge potential… But like I said I don’t like Emma, she’s boring and not funny at all. I want someone new.

(Sorry for my bad english)

Beside there is some truth in your post, yes.

I’m freaking tired with ship wars ! I love SQ I ship them hard and I’ve been convinced that they wouldn’t end up together even if a part of me still has hope (yeah I’m paradoxical).

But that doesn’t give me the right to criticise people who ship regina or emma with someone else ! (As long as they don’t say I can’t ship SQ for stupid reasons, which really pisses me off, I’m totally fine with them !) That just sucks.
Geeze people just ship whatever ship you wanna ship and let the others do the same without criticizing. I really don’t see the point in fighting against ships… that’s insane.

Also I’m pissed off with those who go bananas over the fact that their ship won’t ever be canon. JUST APPRECIATE THEIR SCENES and uae your imagination, read fanfictions, create one, fanarts and all ! It might be frustrating, that’s the the point of shipping anyway ! It’s impossible for every ship to become canon obviously.

Oh and stop playing the card of discrimination… it’s getting old because you just use it for anything even when it’s not relevant.

JUST. STOP. FIGHTING. AND. SAYING. SHIPS. CAN’T. SAIL. OR. EXIST. And be tolerant. All of you. SQ towards OQ, CS towards SQ and so on and vice versa.
I love you all non crazy ones ♥

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I make this face a lot when I drive.


I make this face a lot when I drive.

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Devilicious ladies (and their true loves)
I'm a mystery, you won't know anything except everything you'll find here.
At least I can say that I'm French, was born on august 28th 1992, that makes me 20. And that I like girls... Yeah I like them very much.
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